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Our Offering


How can I esta­blish my busi­ness idea in the market and posi­tion it effec­tively? What stra­tegic direc­tion should I pursue with my company in order to clearly diffe­ren­tiate myself? What are my customer groups and how do I reach them? These are just a few sample ques­tions that compa­nies are confronted with.

We have set ourselves the task of supporting new busi­ness ideas as well as esta­blished compa­nies in various economic areas. Our consul­ting focus is on the classic manage­ment consul­ting topics: stra­tegic project support such as market entry or reor­ga­ni­za­tion, concep­tion of busi­ness and finan­cial plans, elabo­ra­tion of marke­ting and commu­ni­ca­tion concepts and deve­lop­ment of process and struc­tural opti­mi­za­tions. Within these areas, all project orders are adapted indi­vi­dually to the respec­tive situa­tion and the exis­ting needs of our custo­mers in order to achieve as much value as possible for our custo­mers and their busi­ness ideas.



Our Topics


Strategic project manage­ment


Companies are constantly confronted with stra­tegic issues, the answer to which the entire orga­ni­za­tion is required. We support our custo­mers’ stra­tegic projects with profes­sional know-how, inno­va­tive ideas and out-of-the-box approa­ches. The profes­sional market entry of a start-up and the esta­blish­ment of its idea in the market, the analysis and inte­gra­tion of new busi­ness fields into exis­ting struc­tures, the accom­p­ani­ment of a change manage­ment process or the setup of succes­sion plan­ning are examples of possible star­ting points. We support our clients in analy­sing the stra­tegic reori­en­ta­tion, deve­lo­ping stra­tegic options and opera­tional prepa­ra­tion to imple­ment the specific stra­tegy.


Our offer includes:

  • Elaboration of the corpo­rate vision
  • Definition of stra­tegic success posi­tions, analysis of strengths and weak­nesses
  • Market, industry and compe­ti­tion analysis, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of oppor­tu­nities and threats as well as oppor­tu­nities for risk reduc­tion and miti­ga­tion
  • Kundensegmentierung und Identifikation der Kundenbedürfnisse, Analyse von Verkaufszahlen und Absatzmengen
  • Customer segmen­ta­tion and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of customer needs, analysis of sales figures and sales volumes.
  • Development of suitable stra­te­gies and stra­tegic orien­ta­tions based on deve­loped future scen­a­rios
  • Development of opera­tional stra­tegy imple­men­ta­tion with check­lists, sche­dules and dead­lines
  • Assistance in prepa­ra­tion for opera­tio­na­li­za­tion


Business & Financial Plans


Business and finan­cial plans are important tools for entre­pre­neurs. They support the imple­men­ta­tion of the busi­ness idea into the market, the stra­tegic busi­ness deve­lop­ment, they serve as foun­da­tion of colla­bo­ra­tion between busi­ness part­ners and inves­tors, as well as a control mecha­nism for the daily busi­ness. We help our client develop and review busi­ness as well as finan­cial plans by criti­cally reflec­tion the rele­vant topics and tackle the spots where deepened analyses is needed.


Our offer includes:

  • Transformation of a busi­ness idea into a func­tio­ning busi­ness model
  • Product and port­folio analysis, further deve­lop­ment possi­bi­li­ties and inno­va­tive ideas
  • Elaboration of busi­ness plans and investor decks for internal and external stake­hol­ders
  • Reflection of the stra­tegic thrust in finan­cial plans
  • Turnover and profi­ta­bi­lity calcu­la­tion, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of finan­cing gaps to be closed
  • Identification of stra­tegic and opera­tional part­ners, control­ling struc­tures and poten­tial consul­tants


Communication / Marketing Concepts


It is not always clear how your own company is posi­tioned in the market, who are the target groups of products or service offe­rings and how the specific customer groups can be effec­tively addressed. We support our custo­mers in deri­ving an optimal market posi­tio­ning, iden­ti­fying their customer segments, and deve­lo­ping inno­va­tive marke­ting concepts to syste­ma­ti­cally target and reach the rele­vant customer groups.


Our offer includes:

  • Definition of the unique­ness of the busi­ness idea as marke­ting foun­da­tion and appro­priate bran­ding charac­te­ri­za­tion
  • Customer segmen­ta­tion and elabo­ra­tion of customer profiles to iden­tify (uncon­scious) customer needs
  • Development of inno­va­tive marke­ting / commu­ni­ca­tion possi­bi­li­ties with respec­tive chan­nels
  • Derivation of a suitable pricing-strategy to exhaust the willing­ness to pay of the market.
  • Conceptualisation and struc­tu­ring of the online appearance


Process / Structure Optimization


Efficient struc­tures and suitable processes are central points for the success of the company and require a regular review or constant deve­lop­ment. We advise our custo­mers in the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of their orga­ni­za­tional struc­tures, the deve­lop­ment of a uniform and effec­tive company system and the deve­lop­ment of effi­cient processes within the company as well as along the entire value chain.


Our offer includes:

  • Analysis of the func­tions, respon­si­bi­li­ties, tasks as well as the processes along the value chain
  • Analysis of produc­tion faci­li­ties, possible capa­ci­ties, storage faci­li­ties and supplier co-operation
  • Definition of effi­cient process flows along the value chain and corre­spon­ding respon­si­bi­li­ties
  • Development of suitable orga­ni­za­tional, manage­ment and staff struc­tures, respon­si­bi­li­ties
  • Analysis of stra­tegic and opera­tional part­ners, control­ling struc­tures and comple­men­tary consul­tants



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