In the upcoming fall semester Student Impact will be running a newly designed bachelor level course in collaboration with the Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWOe) at the University of St. Gallen: Be the Change: Discovering Consulting and Sustainability. 

The course is part of the contextual studies pillar at HSG and specifically addresses all students who are looking for an impactful upgrade to their studies. Participants will gain hands-on project experience by working with purpose driven startups, hear from experts in the consulting and sustainability field, and learn from and with their peers and SI members. The ultimate aim: finding out together with our fellow HSG students how to be the change we want to see in the world.

With this initiative we seek to leverage and open up the extensive knowledge, experiences and network that Student Impact has acquired over the years for the broader HSG community. As such this course format also presents a unique curricular innovation deriving from co-curricular engagement and co-designed and delivered by students for students. We thank our collaborators at the IWOe and look forward to an exciting learning and development journey with the first cohort!

Check out the course info sheet for more information.