Consulting at Student Impact

We work in focussed teams of dedi­cated students, who imple­ment toge­ther a customer project. Whether you have already gained expe­ri­ence in manage­ment consul­ting or are just begin­ning to study: With Student Impact, you get a job-based, custo­mized trai­ning. Use your talents today and expand your horizon by consul­ting sustain­able busi­ness ideas.

As a consul­tant at Student Impact, you are part of a project team (5-7 people) and work on a project for a start-up or SME for one semester (14 weeks). On average, your commit­ment amounts to 16 to 20 hours per week to Student Impact, however, the work load per week may vary.

Throughout the project, you will be supported indi­vi­dually by your team, your project manager and the coaches, enab­ling you to apply your acquired know­ledge from your studies in an optimal way and to further your personal deve­lop­ment. In addi­tion to your project team, you also belong to the entire Student Impact team: Here you will be offered a broad and personal trai­ning, as well as lots of fun with the team events. A semester at Student Impact consists, among others, of the follo­wing elements:

  • Team meetings: Every project team meets twice a week to work on the project toge­ther. In between, you work in sub-teams or on your own
  • Customer work­shops: During the project, 3-4 personal meeting with the customer take place, either at the customer’s place or at HSG
  • Workshops with our mentors: Our members get exclu­sive access to 3 work­shops on practice-related topics per semester
  • Internal trai­ning program: Our Monday-Meetings (every other Monday) and our Onboarding Weekend (2nd Weekend of the semester) provide trai­ning concer­ning diffe­rent consul­ting topics
  • Accenture coaches: An expe­ri­enced Accenture-Consultant is assi­gned to every team as an external spar­ring partner
  • Fun events: Several team and commu­nity events ensure a good balance to consul­tancy work

What we offer you

  • Valuable prac­tical expe­ri­ence in manage­ment consul­ting with compa­nies of any size
  • Personal impact by consul­ting sustain­able busi­ness ideas
  • Workshops with our prac­tice part­ners & internal coaching by profes­sio­nals
  • Active commu­nity (members, alumni, mentors, part­ners)
  • Personal coaching on profes­sional or personal issues (perfor­mance and presen­ta­tion, tips on appli­ca­tion docu­ments, inter­view prepa­ra­tion, etc.)
  • 4 campus credits at project manager level
  • Tremendous fun at nume­rous events

What we expect from you

  • Interest in Consulting & Sustainability
  • At least 2 conse­cu­tive semes­ters of active membership
  • Weekly commit­ment of 16 to 20 hours and time flexi­bi­lity for team and customer meetings during the semester
  • Motivation & team­work
  • Dedication & Reliability
  • For project leaders: prac­tical expe­ri­ence in consul­ting or project manage­ment
  • For project leaders: expe­ri­ence in mana­ging teams

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Du kannst jeder­zeit gerne persön­lich auf uns zukommen. Oder, du meldest dich direkt per E-Mail bei Danni (HR):

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