Sustainability includes social, envi­ron­mental and finan­cial perspec­tives. It is not necessary to sepa­rate the chari­table and profit-seeking sides of your brain. It is possible to both make money and help the planet.”

Elizabeth Littlefield



The Idea



Student Impact is a student manage­ment consul­tancy from the University of St.Gallen, which started in summer 2012 with a vision. From the begin­ning, it was our inten­tion to make a social and ecolo­gical contri­bu­tion to society. Today, we live this vision by advan­cing sustain­able start-ups and SMEs in busi­ness areas on a non-profit basis and at the same time sensi­ti­zing our members and fellow students to sustai­na­bi­lity issues.Our members work 20% -50% on a volun­tary basis, because they are convinced that they can make a real contri­bu­tion to a more sustain­able envi­ron­ment , because they want to learn a lot from Student Impact and to benefit from the broad offer for their future.

For us crea­ting social value is crucial.  We do our work in two ways:

  • On the one hand, our members place their busi­ness exper­tise at the service of a sustain­able cause and create a bridge between the idea and reali­za­tion. We focus on supporting social and ecolo­gical busi­ness ideas, which other­wise would not have access to profes­sional advice.
  • On the other hand, our members get the oppor­tu­nity to turn the theory learned in class into prac­tice. While consul­ting sustain­able start-ups and SMEs, the members get in touch with sustai­na­bi­lity as prac­ticed in busi­nes­seses and carry out this perspec­tive into their future profes­sional lives. The acquired profes­sional expe­ri­ence gives them new perspec­tives and faci­li­tates the career advan­ce­ment.


Student Impact – Management Consulting

A non-profit oriented asso­cia­tion at the University of St.Gallen (HSG).

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