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We are engaged way over our core busi­ness. It’s not only about learning, but rather focu­sing on fun. A big thank you goes to our part­ners, because:

Together we can achieve more.


Consulting Club
ESPRIT St.Gallen



An initia­tive of The Students’ Consulting Club at the University of St. Gallen, Student Impact & ESPRIT St.Gallen



We want to provide you with a unique platt­form to enter the world of consul­ting.

Share your expe­ri­ences in an in-depth coope­ra­tion of joint work­shops, social events and connect with bright and moti­vated students on a personal and profes­sional level. We give you not only the perfect kick-start for your consul­ting career but also the expe­ri­ence of a life-time.


Student Impact – Management Consulting
oikos St.Gallen



An initia­tive of Student Impact and oikos St.Gallen



We offer students the chance to dive into a new world every semester. At our events experts will enrich your skillset through expe­ri­ences, valu­able tips and new perspec­tives.

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Student Impact – Management Consulting

A non-profit oriented asso­cia­tion at the University of St.Gallen (HSG).

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