Student Impact has the repu­tion of quali­fying parti­cu­larly good stra­te­gists. By now we have carried out our third project with the students and the new results in the area of busi­ness plan­ning are convin­cing. We will gladly conti­nute to rely on the support of a consul­tancy firm that knows how to bring economy, ecology and social issues in line, thereby crea­ting added value.”

Fabian Wyssmann
Designwerk GmbH

The exchange with the students was very inspi­ring and refres­hing for me. The students took the complex ques­ti­onn­aire moti­vated and compre­hen­si­vely. Thanks to the regular exchange, a goal-oriented proces­sing of the ques­ti­onn­aire was ensured. Thanks to ever­yone involved! “

Sonja Lüthi

Structured way of working, highly moti­vated, inte­rested, crea­tive ideas, a lot of self-initiative: these are the quali­ties that fit to our team of Student Impact. I would like to thank ever­yone for their great commit­ment!”

Kurt Seiler

The didac­tically clever study of two case studies on public manage­ment and gover­nance is a rather unusual chal­lenge for a consul­ting team. The students have tackled it moti­vated and dedi­cated. The result is cons­i­derable. I would ask Student Impact at any time if there is a task in their area. Many thanks.”

Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler

Durch ein Interview im St. Galler Tagblatt sind wir auf Student Impact gestossen und ihr Bestreben, mit Firmen mit Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit zusam­men­zu­ar­beiten. Das zusam­men­ge­stellte Team von Student Impact war dann auch von Beginn weg sehr begeis­tert und hoch moti­viert. Sie haben sich ausge­zeichnet auf unser Produkt einge­lassen und zeigten grosse Verbindlichkeit wie auch Sach- und Fachkompetenz. Am Schluss des Projektes haben wir einen Katalog voller guter Ideen erhalten, detail­liert und über­sicht­lich darge­stellt. Der Ball liegt jetzt bei uns!

Wir danken herz­lich für das grosse Engagement und die geleis­tete Arbeit.”

Hannes und Stefan Nägeli
Nägeli AG, Gais

Student Impact is an excep­tional student initia­tive with ambi­tious members who, with their advi­sory activi­ties, create lasting added value for compa­nies. Particularly valu­able in our case were the new perspec­tives, inno­va­tive ideas as well as the solid analyzes and prepa­ra­tions that were intro­duced by the Student Impact team reliably, profes­sio­nally and committed.”

Gaudenz Biveroni
Impact Careers

We thank the Student Impact team for their enthu­siasm and hard work for our start up project. The results will greatly help dokspot to develop a market stra­tegy.”

Hans Strobel

We are impressed by the team of Student Impact and enthu­si­astic about the work done. For us the coope­ra­tion was educa­tional and profi­table. We will be able to imple­ment the revi­sion propo­sals for our website, the concept for closer coope­ra­tion with archi­tects and cantonal energy autho­ri­ties. The effort of the team was exem­plary and showed us diffe­rent views and possi­bi­li­ties. The coope­ra­tion and the exchange in the project were great. Many thanks to the whole team for the great effort and the great work. We can strongly recom­mend working with Student Impact.”

Esther Blättler
Holzenergie Schweiz

I was eager to work with Student Impact for this some­what specific project. Because for Samaldi there was only a rough concept book and a lot of ideas and approa­ches in my head up to the project start. The team has imme­dia­tely been able to put itself in the busi­ness idea, to raise critical points and to develop promi­sing solu­tions, how these points could be over­come. The colla­bo­ra­tion with the team members was charac­te­rized by fruitful discus­sions and was also a lot of fun. Through the final deli­ver­a­bles, which also included a first finan­cial model, Samaldi has defi­ni­tely come a step closer to the successful reali­za­tion!”

Tommy Hohenau

The dedi­cated student team at Student Impact has worked very quickly into the problem and not only created a valu­able analysis, but also derived concrete measures from it. The crea­tive approa­ches deve­loped provide a great added value for EnergieSchweiz both stra­te­gi­cally and opera­tio­nally. I can only recom­mend a colla­bo­ra­tion with Student Impact to other compa­nies and orga­ni­za­tions.”

Nina Diethelm
Fachspezialistin Digitale Medien EnergieSchweiz

Student Impact provided valu­able input for the further deve­lop­ment of the plat­form ” sustain­ably inde­pen­dent” and the expan­sion into Switzerland. The team asked the right ques­tions, orga­nized itself excel­lently and prepared stra­tegic recom­men­da­tions, crea­tive ideas and prepared the imple­men­ta­tion for us. A great achie­ve­ment!”

Leo Hauska
Geschäftsführer Hauska & Partner GmbH

Professional order proces­sing, fast and precise under­stan­ding of the tasks, quick and clear analyzes of the problems, concise formu­la­tion and presen­ta­tion of rese­arch results, attrac­tive and original presen­ta­tion of product sket­ches in poten­tial busi­ness areas from an unusual perspec­tive, exem­plary moti­va­tion and great commit­ment to proces­sing, well-managed project team: Working with the team of Student Impact has enri­ched and acce­le­rated the process of stra­tegy imple­men­ta­tion of ask!. We will include essen­tial parts of it in our new range of services. In the name of the manage­ment and the project team, I would like to thank for the impetus and the excel­lent work.”

Thomas Eichenberger
ask! – Beratungsdienste für Ausbildung und Beruf Aargau

We are very impressed with the work, the compe­tence, the great commit­ment and the friend­li­ness of the Student Impact members. The language was such that we, as non-economists, unders­tood what it is. The support of Student Impact helps us to address the successor finding process in a targeted and struc­tured way, without this input it would be much more diffi­cult. We would like to thank Student Impact for the very good work.”

Lotti Thöni
Geschäftsführerin FUB – Forschungsstelle für Umweltbeobachtung

I can fully recom­mend a colla­bo­ra­tion with Student Impact. The members were highly moti­vated at all times and have distin­guished them­selves by their very inde­pen­dent working methods and contri­buted new ideas and inputs. In any case, Student Impact is an enrich­ment to develop projects or to examine chal­lenges. I greatly appre­ciated the tireless dedi­ca­tion of Student Impact and would like to thank the whole team.”

Martin Meier
Founder/CEO Raumgleiter GmbH


Student Impact worked toge­ther with the WEF Global Shapers Zurich Hub for the deve­lop­ment of the spon­so­ring and marke­ting plans for the project “A modern Odyssey”, an art exhi­bi­tion featuring a 19th c. painter at the Oskar Reinhart Museum, that serves as a social plat­form to discuss and elabo­rate on the topic of migra­tion, inter­cul­tural exchange and iden­tity. 

The work of Student Impact has been focused, inspi­ring and detailed. They unders­tood very well the needs of the project, the deve­loped goal-oriented solu­tions and managed to handle this special port­folio with profes­sio­na­lism and passion. The outcome of this work has been appre­ciated by the GS Zurich Hub and played a signi­fi­cant role towards the success of our project.”

Epameinondas Gousopoulos
Curator Zurich Hub
WEF Global Shapers Community

The commit­ment of Student Impact is very valu­able for our start-up essento. The created problem solu­tions convince on the one hand by the profes­sional approach and on the other by inno­va­tive approa­ches, outside of the usual manage­ment models. Exactly this combi­na­tion makes the consul­ta­tion by the strong team of Student Impact very helpful for us. The coope­ra­tion was very plea­sant and always goal-oriented. Thank you very much for the great support for our start-up essento.”

Matthias Grawehr
Co-Founder & Geschäftsführer essento

Student Impact’s five-member team has dealt with the new concept of EnergieSchweiz’s web presence. The students have worked very quickly and with great commit­ment into the complex topic. In the area of ​​website struc­ture and logic, the team has worked out valu­able princi­ples, which are now incorpo­rated in the concep­tion of our future web presence. Both on a profes­sional as well as on a personal level, I have greatly appre­ciated the colla­bo­ra­tion with Student Impact. I can only recom­mend to other orga­ni­za­tions and compa­nies this special kind of busi­ness consul­tancy.”

Nina Diethelm,
Fachspezialistin Digitale Medien bei EnergieSchweiz

Student Impact has deve­loped a marke­ting and employee commu­ni­ca­tion concept for ITcoaching. First, the five-headed team analyzed ITcoaching and the market for IT services for private house­holds by means of primary and secon­dary rese­arch which led to inno­va­tive marke­ting ideas. At the same time, it desi­gned a concept for the recruit­ment of new coaches. The team was charac­te­rized by a very profes­sional approach, high commit­ment, crea­ti­vity and wit. For ITcoaching, the colla­bo­ra­tion with Student Impact has always been highly moti­vating and inspi­ring. The results presented were convin­cing and can be imple­mented profi­tably in the busi­ness day. We would like to thank Student Impact and espe­ci­ally our team and wish them all the best for the future.”

Thomas Gut
Coach und Partner von ITcoaching

The Student Impact Team has supported elefunds on several very rele­vant stra­tegic issues. In the course of a sales and compe­ti­tion analysis, white spots were disco­vered in the market and the sales concept was adjusted. In a large-scale market rese­arch study, Student Impact, with a very good project manage­ment and dedi­ca­tion, has ensured that we can target our products in a segment specific manner. We would like to thank Student Impact’s team for their dedi­ca­tion and highly recom­mend working with Student Impact.”

elefunds GmbH

The Student Impact team has advised South Pole Carbon on a sustain­able invest­ment market study.We have got to known the students as very committed.They have managed to imagine a specific area within a very short time. At the same time , they answered compet­ently the rele­vant ques­tions on the basis of the care­fully conducted study .Accordingly, we will have the results incorpo­rated into our positioning.The successful colla­bo­ra­tion has prompted us to carry out another project with Student Impact.”

Daniel Egli
Product Manager 

South Pole Group

The team of Student Impact has helped Honestly within its market strategy.The project, which was completed in two parts, served to iden­tify inte­res­ting custo­mers in Switzerland and to opti­mize the onboar­ding process on the website. In both projects, our expec­ta­tions were exceeded – the team of Student Impact worked very dili­gently and with great enthu­siasm at the tasks – which were partly defined, but partly also counted on the crea­ti­vity of Student Impact .The commu­ni­ca­tion was first class – the weekly phone calls quickly and effec­tively led to clear findings and defined next steps, so the project was always very focused. I can only recom­mend Student Impact – keep it up!”

Klaus Fuchs
VP Switzerland bei Honestly MT GmbH

All the team members involved showed very much commit­ment and high quality. In addi­tion, an external way of looking at things, parti­cu­larly of young people, always brings new aspects and customer expec­ta­tions into the lime­light. We can just recom­mend the work with Student Impact.The students’ lived spirit was very conta­gious despite the simul­ta­neous exam stress. We’re sure we’ll be working with Student Impact again in one way or another.”

René Weiss,
CMO und Mitgründer HubLink Networks

The mandate was approa­ched and executed with great commit­ment and inte­rest. Based on the reco­gniz­able theo­retical know­ledge as well as the economic and struc­tured approach, the findings were clearly presented and presented. At the same time, ATG Mobility bene­fited parti­cu­larly from the compre­hen­sive analysis of the market and its envi­ron­ment as well as the subse­quent elabo­ra­tion of the marke­ting stra­tegy and prac­tical fields of action. Overall, we felt the commit­ment of the team as very high and owe this to the profes­sional and high-quality work and coope­ra­tion with our company. We strongly recom­mend Student Impact’s consul­ting services to compa­nies that want an external and struc­tured view of their stra­tegic busi­ness areas and want to benefit from the commit­ment and profes­sio­na­lism of future chan­ge­ma­kers.”

Joshua D. Steffen
Co-Founder ATG Mobility

Collaboration with Student Impact was an enri­ching expe­ri­ence for our Swiss Photovoltaics.The compe­tent and highly moti­vated members have enabled us to take new perspec­tives through their analyzes and ideas. The solution-oriented approa­ches were adapted to the needs of the company and the conti­nuous exchange helped us to work in a targeted manner. I would like to thank Student Impact for the great commit­ment and the very good work.”

Willy Langenegger,
Geschäftsführer Swiss Photovoltaik GmbH

Working with Student Impact was very helpful for us.The focus and appearance of the team was profes­sional, purpo­seful and well struc­tured. Above all, struc­tu­ring was very helpful and inst­ruc­tive in our unst­ruc­tured early phase. In addi­tion to the helpful analyzes we were able to use for plan­ning, busi­ness plan and pitch, we were also given the necessary tools to carry out similar site and compe­ti­tion analyzes ourselves. This was also supported by the constant exchange. We will also be able to make good use of the commu­ni­ca­tion and marke­ting stra­tegy or simply continue deve­lo­ping with the tools provided, depen­ding on how our brand deve­lops. Our conclu­sion: The coope­ra­tion and the result have brought us forward. Even with our small budget, the invest­ment was defi­ni­tely worth it and we are very happy to return to Student Impact for further projects.”

Jens Hermes
Geschäftsführer bei Captain Plant

In the autumn of 2012, toge­ther with Student Impact, we worked on a project to address poten­tial custo­mers in Germany as well as on the presen­ta­tion of BoxTango GmbH.We got to know the students of Student Impact as very motivated.The results of the consul­ta­tion have convinced on the basis of their profes­sional deve­lop­ment as well as on the basis of the profes­sio­nally and metho­di­cally expe­ri­enced approach. BoxTango was thus able to benefit from the support of Student Impact in the chal­len­ging startup phase and thanks for the great coope­ra­tion.”

Martin Burkhardt 
Geschäftsführer der BoxTango GmbH

The follow-up project “Ich bin da” was accom­pa­nied for another semester. A new team, but the same spirit! The moti­vated and very reliable young people presented me with a top presen­ta­tion. There was also always some­thing to laugh about at the work­shops. The colla­bo­ra­tion has been a lot of fun. The results of the market analyzes for various Ich-bin-da products in the context of possible produ­cers have shown soberly that it is to be expected with greater diffi­cul­ties in the imple­men­ta­tion. But giving up is not an option. In order to reach the goal, it still needs to be fully deployed!”

Veronika Kisling
Initiantin des Projektes “Ich bin da”


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