We cannot choose between economic growth and sustai­na­bi­lity – we must have both.”

Paul Polman, CEO Unilever



Project requi­re­ments



Student Impact’s mission is to advise sustain­able start-ups and SMEs across indus­tries with the goal of making a social and ecolo­gical impact within society. But what exactly is Student Impact’s under­stan­ding of the term sustai­na­bi­lity? And how are we trying to make a socio-environmental contri­bu­tion using consul­ting services as a means to this end?

The term “sustai­na­bi­lity” encom­passes three dimen­sions, namely busi­ness, society and envi­ron­ment. According to the Brundtland Commission, sustai­na­bi­lity can be defined as follows: “Sustainable deve­lop­ment is deve­lop­ment that meets the needs of the present without compro­mi­sing the ability of future gene­ra­tions to meet their own needs.”

Consequently, our service is limited to projects that meet the requi­re­ments of the two follo­wing levels of sustai­na­bi­lity.



Attitude towards sustai­na­bi­lity
  • Sustainability is an inte­gral part of the busi­ness model and is not only super­fi­ci­ally incorpo­rated.
  • Sustainability is important to the customer. Economic as well as the social and ecolo­gical aspects of busi­ness are equally important.
  • The product or service of the customer creates a social and / or envi­ron­mental value for society and / or the envi­ron­ment.


Orientation product / service


Student Impact is convinced that future success lies in these two levels of sustai­na­bi­lity and would like to support busi­ness that truly embrace them in accom­pli­shing them.



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