For me, Student Impact was the perfect comple­ment to academic educa­tion at HSG. As part of a great team, I was already able to gain prac­tical expe­ri­ence during my studies – expe­ri­ences which have bene­fitted me perso­nally as well as profes­sio­nally. The open exchange of ideas and perspec­tives in the overall team has always moti­vated me to criti­cally ques­tion my own posi­tions and to profit from the know­ledge of the team members. For me, Student Impact stands for a network of committed perso­na­li­ties who are willing to help shape the future.”


Lukas Schuler

Alumni Coaching, Internship Bain & Company


My internship during the Bachelor program at a consul­ting company in Zurich has given me the impetus to apply at Student Impact while my doing my Master. Here, as project manager and later as coach, I was able to apply and expand my expe­ri­ence in team­work and approach in consul­ting projects. I am of the opinion that these expe­ri­ences in the profes­sional life, but espe­ci­ally when I go into consul­ting, are of great benefit to me.”


Mathias Engelhardt

Alumni Coach


I have learned a lot during my time at Student Impact, both perso­nally and to the future career goal. Not only the exchange with committed students but also the shared respon­si­bi­lity for a project in the team and the commu­nity spirit at Student Impact were a great expe­ri­ence. Personally, it was very exci­ting to be part of the project manage­ment and to put my own abili­ties and know­ledge into prac­tice during my studies. It is a great feeling to have a satis­fied customer and to have moved some­thing as a team. Thanks to Student Impact for the great time. ”


Sophie Florian

Alumni Project Manager, Tenure McKinsey


I have chosen Consulting as I can work on rele­vant and chal­len­ging topics for top manage­ment. Student Impact allows me to develop my skills on real projects even during my studies.”


Pascal Schäfer

Alumni Coach, Tenure McKinsey

  “Student Impact stands out for me through prac­tical work in a plea­sant atmo­s­phere and has the goal of chal­len­ging and supporting encou­ra­ging and moti­vated students. This allows for an optimal prepa­ra­tion for the later activity in the consul­ting sector, in which I would also like to work.”   Valentin Fischer

Alumni Consultant


In the summer of 2014, I completed a three-month internship at BearingPoint in Düsseldorf. At the time I was with Student Impact for one semester. For the internship in consul­ting, this was an advan­tage to me, as I was able to better assess what the customer is inte­rested in and what is expected of me perso­nally. Overall, I found it very helpful to be fami­liar with the various tools that are used in the consul­ting process through the Student Impact trai­ning. This allowed me to quickly inte­grate into the daily work at BearingPoint, which was also very posi­tive for the company itself.”


Anne König

Alumni Consultant, Internship BearingPoint


After nine months of inten­sive work in a refugee camp, I learned a lot, but above all it impressed me that it was a profit-oriented company. I have learned in an amazing way how economic, social and ecolo­gical added value are compa­tible with each other. Today it is clear to me that the path of one-sided thin­king is a dead end for ever­yone. Student Impact goes a diffe­rent way and I want to go along with it.”


Joni Azemi



Student Impact enabled me to gain valu­able prac­tical expe­ri­ence at an early stage of the Bachelor’s degree by consul­ting sustain­able start-ups and SMEs. In retro­s­pect, I can reco­gnize a great personal deve­lop­ment, espe­ci­ally during the manage­ment of a project team.”


Reto Sager

Alumni Project Manager, Internship Akzent


I think ever­yone has a respon­si­bi­lity for society and the envi­ron­ment, but above all those who are doing well and who are in a posi­tion to achieve change. Student Impact lives this respon­si­bi­lity. Especially at our univer­sity, where students want to be trained as influ­en­tial perso­na­li­ties, we should early on learn to create some­thing meaningful with our influ­ence.”


Moritz Schnorpfeil

Alumni Consultant


Student Impact has helped me to get closer to my future goal to work in a busi­ness consul­tancy. I have already gained valu­able expe­ri­ence as a consul­tant in one semester. “


Pilar Scheurer

Alumni Consultant

Student Impact – Management Consulting

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