We are convinced of a future in which sustainable entrepreneurship, environment, society and technological progress influence each other positively.

For Companies

Student Impact is the student consultancy at the University of St.Gallen, founded in 2012 with the vision of making a social and ecological impact.

We believe that sustainable businesses are the key to a better future for our society and environment. By supporting start-ups, SMEs, NGOs or associations with a positive impact, we strengthen their effect.

In this way, we apply our business know-how where forward-looking ideas are created and implemented and contribute to making them more economically successful and thus even more effective.

For Students

Student Impact is the student consultancy at the University of St.Gallen, founded in 2012 with the vision of making a social and ecological impact.

Our members benefit from intensive practical experience and an extensive training programme already during their academic education. This provides them with new perspectives and gives them a head start in their careers. Through our client focus, our members are simultaneously sensitised to sustainable business and take this perspective with them into their future professional functions.



Our members are convinced of the idea of Student Impact and are fully committed to our work. That is why we provide high-quality work at a professional level and thus redefine the standards and requirements for a student consultancy.


For us, sustainability is not a central economic issue of the future, but of the present. By supporting sustainable ideas and educating our members, we live up to our position as future decision-makers and take responsibility for the environment, society and the economy.


Through intensive project work and individual development and challenge, we live a unique spirit in which all members know, appreciate and support each other. We motivate and push each other to break new ground and constantly develop ourselves further.

Project Requirements

For Student Impact, the term sustainability encompasses the following three dimensions:


Projects interact responsibly with their employees and partners and create social added value for society.


Projects use natural resources responsibly and create ecological added value for the environment.


Projects handle their financial resources responsibly and create long-term ecological added value.

Student Impact focuses exclusively on clients that offer social and/or environmental added value in addition to profitability. For start-ups, NGOs and associations, this added value must lie in the core activity of the organisation; for SMEs and large companies, at least the corporate division or the project mission must be sustainably oriented.

HSG Impact Award

The University of St. Gallen honours research projects with practical added value with the “Impact Award”. The award went to the joint project “Futuricum”, the first electric trucks for refuse collection in Switzerland, in which Student Impact was also involved. We are very pleased about the award, which shows that we deliver high-quality work with our projects.

HSG Impact Award Video

Watt d'Or

ASCO Awards

Student Impact has won the ASCO Award for Best Business Transformation in the category “Next Generation Consulting” three times in a row, which is given annually to the best and most sustainable business transformations in Switzerland.

The awards were presented for the following projects: Bosch IoT Lab (2019), ESG Plus (2018), and Futuricum (2017).

SHSG Award

In April 2018, Student Impact received the SHSG Award for the most committed HSG association in the category “Business & Entrepreneurship”. We are very happy about the award and thank everyone who voted for us