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We support ecologically and socially impactful ventures to become economically viable and we reorient economically viable organizations towards social and ecological impact.

Management Consulting

for sustainable startups

We specialize in sustainable management consulting, guiding businesses towards eco-friendly, socially responsible, and economically sound practices for enduring success. This turns disruptive new business models into viable products and established businesses.

Sustainability Consulting

for established businesses

We offer SMEs and large corporations, comprehensive support in developing sustainability strategies, measuring carbon footprint, or developing new and sustainability-oriented product portfolios. This turns strategies into concrete, impact-orientated results.

Selected Past Projects

  • Tool manufacturer (Corporate)

  • Meat-Alternatives (early-stage)

  • City

  • Agtech implementing foundation

  • Sustainability Consulting (Start-Up)

  • Premium gastronomer (SME)

  • Sustainable Prosthesis (Scale-Up)

  • Detecon (SME)

  • Sustainable Plastic Alternatives (early-stage)

A typical project timeline

Our projects span one semester, with team members dedicating around 16 hours each week.

Kick-off meeting

Projects commence with a kick-off meeting between the Student Impact team and the client.

Analysis and research

Consultants analyze the client's situation, research the market, and consult with experts. Throughout, Project Leaders will meet regularly with the client, providing progress updates and collaboratively determining focus areas.

Interim presentation

Showcases initial research findings and insights, encouraging client feedback to collaboratively determine the focus of the second phase of the project.

Ideation and planning

Concentrates on crafting a clear roadmap, involving thorough ideation and strategic planning to define actionable steps for achieving targeted outcomes.

Final presentation

Comprehensive communication of the final recommendations to all stakeholders of the client, designed to ensure a lasting impact and facilitate informed decision-making for sustainable change.

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